Les vins


Produced from direct pressing, and generally following a cold fermentation, the Sauvignon of our region shows a unique expression. This dry wine is characterised by notes of white-fleshed fruits (peach, pear...) and exotic fruits (lychee, grapefruit, pineapple...) with a nod to floral aromas.
Our kimmeridgian and marl terroir bring this mineralityso characteristic of ourMenetou-Salon,giving them precision and length.


A single delicate and capricious variety the Pinot noir, is rewarded by minutely detailed work in the vines and a traditional vinification. It is from this base that all our red wines flow. Here again the terroir leaves its mark to give us Pinots from the Loire with belle fraîcheur, bright and crunchy, and characterised by a colour of glimmering ruby with ripe red fruit aromas and fine tannins.


Using the same variety as for the reds, the Pinot noir here expresses itself as the personification of summers and pleasure. Generally made from a direct pressing, we obtain rosés of a variety of hues according to the vintages ranging from almost candy-pink to partridge-eye pink. Always dry and balanced, it is marvellous on sunny days.
Thus this unique alliance of variety/terroir and the hard work of men produces in this Menetou-Salon a wine of great richness and so much pleasure.
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